Step 1: Fed tells everyone interest rates won't rise for the foreseeable future Step 2: All of the banks buy long dated treasury bonds / MBS at 1-2% interest rate yields Step 3: Raise interest rates 450bps resulting in the mark to market value of existing bonds going to $0.6 on the dollar. Additionally people start pulling deposits from banks and buying USTs at 5% yield Step 4: let the crypto ponzis collapse and gaslight people into thinking crypto caused this contagion and that bitcoin = crypto. Cutoff access to "crypto" to protect the legacy system Step 5: break banks like Silicon valley and watch people pull their money from regional banks and move to the big 4. Let the bank runs persist Step 6: Say CBDCs would solve the problem of fractional reserve banking and bank runs. Make people think the best option is to have an account directly with the Fed


Spot on! All going according to the plan. Feels like these last years the game of monopoly has accelerated. Who are the banks that will "suffer" or vanish in this case? The smaller ones. The big ones will just consolidate their power even more.

Next step will be consolidating power from big banks to the biggest central bank.

Thank Satoshi we have bitcoin