Would be nice if those sats are forwarded directly to @gigi (You can find this setting in "options", in case you are not aware of it) . I'd really appreciate that massively, and I think he would too.

Is there a way to set it retroactively? I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know that option was there. Anyway, thanks and I'm zapping him!

Don't know if it is possible retroactively, but I'd doubt that. Awesome if you'd make it a habit from now on, but like I said, you are not obliged to. Also, you clearly deserve some sats yourself for sharing it here.

Incidentally, this is the perfect case for Prisms on #StackerNews. @K00b? Possible?

was gonna say this just sounds like the concept in podcasting 2.0 which i think is very good but then i scrolled further down and saw them mention that specifically. I'd like to see it implemented in other ways

Dergigi has set up an example prism. You can send sats to @ODELL and @Marty Bent via⚡rhr@satprism.com.

Pretty sweet.

Then there's the transparency issue pointed out in the article and by @Buck on nostr:

I’d love to see something like this built in a trustless way such that you don’t have to trust that the prism will split the payment (which is how it’s done in podcasting 2.0 right now). I built a PoC of this for a hackathon a few years ago using HODL invoices and LSATs, in a project ironically called “Prism”... https://github.com/bucko13/prism#split-payments

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I couldn’t be more logical than this. Thanks for making this approach real

One obvious use case is value-splits for blog posts and similar long-form writing. Imagine if every blog post (or book chapter) had its own Lightning address, splitting value to author, editor, illustrator, and proof-readers automatically…

…Another use case is the splitting of nostr zaps. Imagine that every “quote-tweet” that gets zapped results in an automated payment split, passing on 50% (or whatever the user has configured) to the original note. Or imagine a prism that’s created on-the-fly, splitting zaps equally for everyone tagged in a note.