Aside from being impossible to read I like this a lot. Thank you.

Would making a checkbox to turn off the bouncing emoji help

Definitely found the bouncing emoji distracted.

I'm @futurepaul (gotta trust me lol) but lost my login. Happy to discuss this if anyone has any questions or comments.

i confirmed with irl paul, this is his real account

I do not trust this, is this even really ben???

Signed message or GTFO

⚡️ zap ⚡️

was mildly disappointed to realise this wasn't one of those Bitcoin bingo things after failing to find the 'Blockstream lizard/BIG BLOX!!1!' squares...

I really like these little essays, great job!

I have no idea what's going on, but if you search "relational contracting" on, you'll find some of my takes around reputation and scaling economic activity, etc with trust.

Bitcoin is trustless

Probably as trustless as is possible, but with the vulnerable to == trusting metric in mind:

  1. Did you read the code?
  2. Did you audit the compiler?
  3. Did you audit the operating system you're running it on?
  4. Did you audit the chips you're running the OS on?

It's also pretty common for even the most technical bitcoiners to go through a path of trusting certain components of the system before they have the time to fully understand them, and for less technical bitcoiners there are a lot of things they just have trust that a good enough number of devs have audited stuff.

Effectively trustless, but in reality its trust minimized. Still gotta trust that the initial list of peers you receive are good!

Trust minimized. Yes. Zap