I encourage everyone to look at this link: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/WALCL

I personally find it breathtaking to think how we're literally living through history being made. And I don't see any scenario where the coming few years aren't stagflation. I like to be an optimist but this is really emotional and I can't fathom how it isn't for so many people out there?

A collapse seems inevitable to me. Especially when you look at world history. It always happens. Systems fail, its just a matter of when and how much wreckage.

Why collapse? What factor makes you think a big event is more likely than long term hardship of stagflation? I can't follow

When I say collapse I mean the dollar. But I also mean the US control over the financial system. Why? The short reason is that you can't do what they are doing forever without it collapsing. You can't keep inflating supply forever. All fiat currencies have collapsed. They politicians don't always admit it but it is true. Like I said, the question is when. It may be in the next year, next 5, or next 20. I don't know.

Read Mandibles btw. Great book.

I agree. Since 2008 this is irreversible. My only question is whether it will involve a world war or not.

Most don't understand their own checking accounts, let alone the Fed's exploding balance sheet 🤷‍♂️

Banks will still exist for the people too dumb to manage their own money.

Crypto is the way We might actually watch fiat fall in our lifetime Letssss ggggooooooo

Bitcoin not crypto

That's what happens when you have a no limit credit card.

enjoy the ride weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Banks are immune to things like Bitcoin in the sense that the end is simply financial ruin of the whole system in which Bitcoin substantially partakes.

If the fed is taking assets on their balance sheet and rolling out the cash to the banks, to give confidence, I mean isn't this just an asset swap, how much of it is really going to bleed out into the wider economy?

Even if deposits are now "whole" interest rates are still high and another 25bips should be on the way, so wouldn't that keep lending from increasing?

So the Fed has added another $300 billion to backstop more banks? Am I getting this correct? Just a humble pleb here.