there are numerous solutions for selling digital content and paying with lightning.

Just my two sats, if you want to make something that really moves nostr forward, focus on designs for a marketplace for physical goods.

Again, that's just my two sats, all credit to you for rolling up your sleeves. It's easy to criticize, much harder to build

Like what?

Something to crush Doordash, Instacart, Uber Eats, and all other delivery apps. Made in a flexible way rather than overconstraining by specifying food items within app. I have made a number of notes on this and shared ideas for how to mitigate counterparty risk via relational contract theory, as well as why I see this as an ideal application for Nostr. Happy to discuss further or find the notes I have made if you're interested.

Selling the sort of content you are thinking about doesn't seem all that useful. If you want it design focused, something to compete with Fiverr and UpWork, which can include graphic design is likely a better option.

All these things have tricky reputation problems to solve. The goal is to get real economic markets that actually matter on Nostr, and high res AI images that are not made to order not all that relevant.

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Is the main edge to sell the higher resolution content? Or what do you foresee this used for?

look at the categories on the left: -3d content

  • Art
  • Audio
  • Templates
  • Courses / ebooks / books
  • any kind of digital asset (games for example)
  • Educational stuff
  • etc

I think you should consider Taro Protocol payments stablecoins and for this Marktplace.

Taro is based on Bitcoin Taproot and supports NFTs too .

I operate a wallet for Taro Protocol that you could integrate with. If you are interested please reach out.

Seems like reinventing OpenBazaar. ( All that code is just sitting there on Github with no love today because the stupid shitcoin-friendly devs used some altcoins too.

Here's hoping you find a lot of their code easy to plug into your market!

This is a nostr marketplace

Nostr apps require front-ends. The UX front, including tons of artwork, over at OpenBazaar is 2nd to none. Just gorgeous. Surely some of that is scroungable for this client.

Nft done right?

Nothing to do with NFTs...

smells like nfts

Nothing to do with NFTs

Looking forward to test it ⚡️

Love it! When can I use it?

It's only a design atm

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this is very cool, would you be up to chat more about your work?

my dm’s are open on twitter