I am considering making an investment in Fountain through the lightning ventures funding opportunity. Anyone else looking into this? I am thinking a small amount, maybe 2k or so.

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A couple question I would have before investing:

  • Is there any KYC?
  • What type of equity is one getting in Fountain?
  • They have a $1,000 minimum investment, would they take $1,000 of Sats?

Yes there is KYC. I will make a follow up post with more detail once I get clarification on the how the equity would work as it is a syndicate and I haven't participated in one before. Pretty sure they are only taking USD investments but if wrong on that I will clarify in post. Try to have something up on Monday.

2k sats?

Haha no 2k cuck bucks

It's a $1,000 minimum.

I have been covering Lightning Ventures for a while, the companies they invest in are solid

As for Fountain, their app was clunky but in the last month they have made huge improvements on the UX level .... for a team of 3 (used to be 1) ... they show great potential

when you invest in a company, you really invest in its founders ... I suggest you listen to Oscar (on Kevin Rooke pod) to get a feel of where they are and their future plans and most importantly their ability to deliver

Best of luck!