Looking for a home in US to spend part of the year, shill me your states, cities and towns.

Parameters: Currently live in communist republic of Canada, within a couple hours drive of Niagara Falls border crossing. Looking for a US home for potentially 3-6months a year. Likely months would be at least part of winter as we live in a ski resort town and I could easily rent our property out for some or all of ski season. I am fairly weather agnostic but a milder winter than Canada would be nice. We will be coming back and forth by car. My wife has family in Texas (Fort Worth area), which is where we stay when we go to US now, so Texas is a strong contender but we are open to other ideas. Will be visiting the US this fall for a couple months and hope to check out a few areas.

All thoughtful responses get sats. Your feedback is appreciated.

Cheers, GR


Lots of people will say Texas or Florida. I am going to throw a curve ball here to give you something different.

Delaware by the beach.

  1. Cheap
  2. Drive able to Niagara Falls.
  3. Excellent taxes
  4. Politically moderate
  5. Shitty public schools, but almost no property taxed
  6. Excellent climate - not too hot in the summer and you get to see it snow once or twice in winter.
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Any specific beach towns?

Rehoboth beach is the most popular and accommodating to new comers. But, any town around will really do.

Thanks for the feedback. I definitely had not considered delaware but I will do some research.

There are a lot of Bitcoiners in Texas, especially in Austin.

Tangentially related, Chillderburg takes place near Austin each year at the end of May. Lots of Bitcoiners and libertarians.

I am a fan of Austin and a Longhorns fan. If we choose Texas I think my wife would prefer FW area as she has family there but Austin would be a contender.

Wyoming. No state income tax and crypto friendly. Private Key Protection Bill.

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I see Wyoming pass bitcoin-friendly laws and think hey, that might be a cool place to visit.

Then I see Wyoming ban abortion pills and think... Nah.

I have never been to Wyoming but I seems like my kind of place. I would definitely like to check it out.

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Colorado if you like mountains?

Colorado is great. Definitely would be on my list of potential options and my wife's cousins live there. I live by a mini mountain (ski hill) now and I can see the slopes lit up at night when I take the dog for walk along the trail near our house. It's very peaceful.

Buying land / house is pricey in CO. I love these towns in the San Juan Mtns.

If you want a short drive, New Hampshire is rightfully called the free state. More libertarians and anarchists live there than any other US state per capita, and the Free State Project website (fsp.org) can hook you up where all the like-minded folks are.

One word of warning; lots of shitcoiners live there too.

Cool. Thanks for the feedback. Hadn't considered New Hampshire but I will do some research.

Have you investigated Pittsburgh? Punches above it's weight.

I really like Pittsburgh. I have been there a few times and they have in my opinion the nicest stadium in MLB. Team could be better though.

Glad you like it, it’s a great place with lots of history, good people and plenty of comfort food. The housing market is 50% of it’s peak so there’s well priced housing to go around.

Montana, but watch out for unexpected Chinese weather balloons.

I have never been but my wife likes Montana. She was trying to convince me to move there before we purchased a property in the ski resort town we live in now around 3.5 years ago. We had a plan to sell my business and get out of the city. Which we finally executed in January of 22 but decided to stay in Canada to be close to my parents. Which is one of the reasons I am only looking to spend part year in US.

Second vote for NH. You guys are getting my attention. I really know nothing about New Hampshire. I will have to do some research.

How about California? Great weather, you can ski and surf on the same day!

Just kidding. But, it may be less culture shock than moving to Texas ;)

My wife is from Cali. That's where I met her. I was travelling there for business 4-5 times a year so had a small circle of friends there and she was a friend of a friend. Her whole family has left Cali now though. They went to Nevada and Texas. So I don't think we will be moving to Cali but OC and San Diego are great places to visit.

Come to the Big Apple, great culture and excellent subways. even our pizza is amazing!

Great place to visit. I just moved out of Toronto last year so I think my mega city days are behind me but I will happily come watch the Blue Jays beat the Yankees sometime this summer.

Once I get a suitable road-trip vehicle, I plan on a citadel scouting expedition!

It's a fun exercise for sure. Even if you just get to see a few places you never would have gone to otherwise.

Love this question!

Thanks. Figured I could get some good feedback an probably some info on places I hadn't considered.

Thanks to everyone who responded. Really appreciated. I have some research to do. I am shocked no one shilled me Nashville. But that's great because I got a bunch of ideas that I was really thinking about that I can look into now.