Is it just me or Nostr is slow & instable af? I can't use it.

Super slow, super glitchy, hard to use at times. But these are early days, and the speed of development is staggering.

For me it's just not usable, extremely glitchy slow and instable.

It could be slow at times due to different relays, but it's crazy to see how fast the protocol is expanding, lots of new features and updates literally everyday, i'd say now is a good time to start exploring Nostr

Just got into using Damus. First Nostr experience. I say it’s just because it’s new. I’m sure big brains will be devoted to solving it. I’m not mad about it yet… but it can’t scale like this

All the image rendering has certainly slowed most clients down of late.

Which client is your go to?

Snort, others are the same, it's not the clients