Even if you are ok with CBDC because you trust your own government, whats going to happen if it gets conquered by China or Russia? You laugh, but the west is in decline and there are no signs of reversal. So while you welcome all this government control because western governments and democracy and everything is fine. These things could fall into the hands of people whom you might not like. And thats why decentralization, the opposite of CBDC, is important.
That being said, obtaining majority of Bitcoin hashrate may only cost a couple hundred million dollars in the future, so it can be taken over and/or sunset by someone who is willing to pay that kind of money and its actually cheaper than a war which governments are known to have no problem throwing money at. So why wouldnt they spend a couple hundred million to get majority hashrate. It could even just be nationalized, the mines. So dont know what the solution is. Hope and prayer i guess.