Another update on my goal to stack 50M sats this year.

So far in 2023 I have stacked 13,211,800 sats.

This puts me on pace to stack 62,627,363 sats in 2023.


I've also set a goal for myself, but the price rise the last week has me kicking myself.

Came her for gains.

Stayed long enough to figure out what I'm holding.

Disappointed when I get gains.

Good luck out there.

May the sats be with you.

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Have a few more sats...

I've got 13M stacked on my Fold card. Highly recommend using it with Paypal to double dip on Citi card (and some others work) bonuses.

Nice work.

Free lunches make me sick

Good luck!

Thanks. I have tried to get a bit ahead early in the year when price was depressed expecting it to get more difficult as the year goes on. If things truly go parabolic, I likely won't reach my goal but I am will sure as hell be glad that I stacked hard early in the year.