I am not a very varied and cultured person. I'm a blue collar worker. Didn't go to college. Learned a trade and do it well.
I would not consider myself smart. Especially not enough to try and outsmart markets. And emphatically not intelligent enough to try and outsmart Bitcoin.
Once finally breaking from the proof of stake promising riches. From "something more advanced" than the far too slow obsolete Bitcon protocol. "It's Blockchain not Bitcoin". I've come to realize Bitcoin is something far larger than "peer to peer electronic cash".
Over time, lstening to countless hours of perspectives on scalability, decentralization, electrical grids, infrastructure, politics, economics, societal implications, adoption, macro economic investment bullshit. Setting up my own basic bitch node, verifying. Pushing myself to my technical limits on what I'm capable of on a computer running software. Bitcoin has infiltrated and activated corners of my interest I didn't know I had interest in or capability of understanding.
It has opened me to being more involved in something meaningful. An actual chance at self sovereignty free of corporate and governmental narratives meant for control and perpetual warfare. Recently listening to a few Jason Lowery interviews made me see a whole new perspective.
As a soft warfare tool. As a sound money. As hope for freedom from debasement by oligarch or dictator control. A super computer released and decentralized on the internet. Bitcoin has so many nuances it's dizzying.
We don't fully know what this is capable of or means to humanity as a whole, or which paths we will go down on the journey. It's here now and we cannot possibly understand what that implicates. It's software, a ledger, mathematics, a social consensus mechanism, power projection in watts.
I am not religious personally, but I feel that Bitcoin may be a much needed substitute for a society with so many cultural differences, that has grown so large, disconnected and entrenched in distractions, so agnostic, with a set of rules that promotes morals that humanity may be able to look to in a time without hope.
Maybe individuals can save themselves from a system that exponentially steals from them. Perhaps help each other form communities that support themselves. All speaking an international mathematical language that defies words.
I'm pessimistic. But for once I'm hopeful. Whether we all fully agree or not. We are all here at the early stages of something so tremendously powerful, we can only assume outcomes. It's been a wild ride.
And I'm going to keep stacking.
I'm religious personally :)
...and the situation when greed is harnessed to build something purely honest - is simply genius (and unique). Period.
And don't get me wrong, I'm not anti religion, I really do think there is profound guidance on living a good life. I'm just too weak an individual, with my own personal issues to work out, to commit to anything currently. I'm but a man on a rock hurtling around a fireball.
But, there is something here that instills some awe in me. Let us build.
Glad to have you here friend.