Gabe's first years of farming were terrible. Four consecutive seasons of 80-100% crop failure. But he was observant and noticed the hail-mangled crops fed his soil. LEGENDARY BOOK! Read it twice.

"Then, on the day before I planned to start harvesting the spring wheat, a devastating hailstorm claimed the entire crop. It was a total loss." - 1995

"A late July hailstorm once again wiped out our cash crops. Our hearts sank. Things had become very serious." - 1996

"The heat continued through the summer, and by fall, growth was so poor we were not able to harvest a single acre of our cash crops." - 1997

"Today, I tell people that those four years of crop failure were hell to go through, but they turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to us because they forced us to work with nature instead of against her."

"Dr. Jones clearly explains how soil carbon is the key driver for much of soil health. Soil carbon is also critical to water-holding capacity. Thus, she concludes, soil carbon is the key driver for farm profit."

"Planting cover crops is a key step in transforming dirt into soil."