Land Management begins with managing soil. This book is a road map to restoring soil to a healthy state and is in my 'Top 5' list of books for #RegenerativeAg. Nicole is a master of her craft and an engaging author to boot. A deep appreciation for soil and why it should be considered a living organism is imparted to the reader well before the end of this work.

On the lack of soil mycorrhizal fungi: "While it’s not unknown, the few cases where I’ve seen this have been associated with high disturbances; poor irrigation management, heavy chemical use and following canola."

On where you won't find the virtually indestructible tardigrade in some soils: "The only place on the planet you won’t find the tardigrade? …where there has been a long history of cultivation and herbicides."

On completely 'missing the point': "We’ve been so focused on fossil fuels and the short-term methane from burping cows that we’ve missed the significant amount of carbon (and water) being lost from under our feet to the air and to the seas."