Matrix should be first choice over Telegram and Discord communities!

Also, Simplex before Signal

A mention of Qubes in section 11 would be nice although appreciate it could be out of scope of a first steps guide

It's so hard to migrate people ... network effects Took me a while but now almost all my pals using signal. If I come with Simplex which looks "weird" with no number phone, going to be even harder

I had the exact same problem (migrating everyone to Signal, now a new app that isn't such a nice UX)

Moving away from having dependence on a phone number is really important though

Don't give up :-)

Unfortunately Matrix has many issues with usability that still prevent it from being a go-to for many communities, but I definitely agree (and host my communities on Matrix despite the issues).

Definitely more of personal preference there now, amazed at how far SimpleX has come! It's actually a legitimate Signal contender in my book now.

what are the Matrix issues you face? We use it as a Teams alternative in our organisation and it works great

Mind you, that's mostly with internal users on our hosted instance

Simplex is amazing!

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I love SimpleX, but it's still missing desktop client.

I don't agree, I think it should be Briar for anything that doesn't require more than sharing text or images.

I've heard some concearning things about Matrix but take me with a grain of salt

Like it. Please add that the ProtonVPN app collects user data like phone number

Not my experience

Sadly the site is down right now due to maintenance, working on getting it back up but you can always read the blog post on Github in the meantime if you're desperate