I thought TARO was all about stablecoins, but I assume if its an open protocol people are going to shitcoin and if there are orderbooks people are going to shitcoin trade on it, seems kind of counter to bitcoin

Having unregistered securities on bitcoin sounds like it won't go down well

This still seems not to effect layer 1. If shitcoins (securities in the eyes of the evil overlords) are deployed, the will be on Layer 2, which could not be good for the LN. As the powers that should not be, will be drooling at the regulation (violence) they can can employ and clamp down on the LN. Or am I not understanding this atomic swap correctly?

What are these other assets? Atomic swapping between on-chain and LN bitcoin is very cool but the idea of the bitcoin blockchain getting flooded with a load of ERC-20 like rugpull shitcoin tokens doesn't sound great.

Stablecoin would be cool though as long as it's over-collateralised and reasonably decentralised like DAI. If we have USDC type stablecoins that's just tradfi by proxy.

We are so freaking early!

But can we fuel up our cars?