I’m all for lightening and bitcoin. But I’ve never had a problem with zelle. It’s the closest thing to instant transactions in the fiat world. In fact I’ve been paying my rent with zelle for 5 years without issue.
My reference for zelle was regarding making fiat payments to BTC sellers on robosats (if the tenants wanted to acquire bitcoin nonKYC to pay the rent). Each time it's a new seller, and I found in my experience that almost without fail my bank would block my zelle transaction for "fraud protection". I would have to pull my hair out every time calling my bank during work hours only to try and get them to send my payment. Absolutely sick of it. Swore off zelle forever, Strike only for instant seller fiat payments.
It's not the case, however, for making repeated payments (like paying rent to the same landlord each month). If you're sending to the same person, zelle will work every time, instantly, as you described. That's a great and convenient way to pay rent, if the landlord refuses to accept bitcoin of course.