Exactly how I think of it too. Lightning is a godsend for small transactions and will really push adoption for those day to day uses like going to a shop or paying in a restaurant. Use cases where you're paying smaller amounts and instant settlement is vital for the business to provide a good service. That's why the vast majority of BTC payments in El Salvador are through Lightning.
But for use cases like paying rent, instant settlement isn't a necessity and even with a busy mempool the on-chain fees make up a tiny fraction of the total amount paid, and with larger sums you want that coin sent direct to cold storage if possible.
Absolutely agree that increased adoption of BTC will naturally lead to an increase in LN scaling - basic supply and demand, the more LN is used, the more incentive there is for people to run routing nodes.
In any case, seeing BTC adopted IRL especially for vital parts of life like paying rent rather than novelties is brilliant. You are a pioneer.
eBay is terrible for sellers and has been for a long time. Not only do they charge a final value fee but then PayPal takes their cut on top (part of the reason I offered a discount for BTC payment). And you better keep strict records proving you sent things out because by default they always side with buyers in a dispute.
Nostr markets and other BTC/LN native markets will be amazing. I'm glad people are working hard on building such cool stuff despite the inherent risk (if run on Nostr, you have a combination of censorship resistance, anonymity, and BTC - naturally some people will treat it like SIlk Road, so the devs are taking on big risk).