makes sense, thanks for clarifying.
what do you think of as the most interesting crossover points between Lightning and Nostr?
Overall, I think we're most excited about combining an open communication protocol with an open monetary protocol to do thing that weren't possible in traditional social media.
Zaps are a great example of that as a fun early use case. But Lightning makes it easy to do a wide variety of payments, from ~100sat zaps, to small micropayments for individual pieces of content, to bigger payments for things like infrastructure and services.
We've long thought of BTC as the native money of the internet, and Nostr gives us a glimpse of how novel protocols develop when they're integrated with global, fast, flexible digital money from the beginning.
Right now it's zaps, micropayments, and the ability to easily monetize services. But we're excited to see more creative use cases in the near future.