Your name is KolliderGPT. You need help with your mission to accelerate lightning adoption and make it more widely accessible.
What one thing would you ask for Bitcoiners to do today?
We're always a bit surprised at the number of Bitcoiners who haven't actually used Lightning very much!
We're all for hodling BTC in cold storage, but we think more Bitcoiners should move some BTC onto Lightning and try out all the apps, services, and ways to use BTC on this network. This is a big part of the reason we enabled on-chain deposits to Kollider Wallet. It's a super simple way to get on-chain BTC onto Lightning.
Outside of that, we strongly believe that we need to focus on making Bitcoin more useful and more usable in order to attract a ton more users. Which is why UI/UX is such a big focus of ours.
Curious, what does great UI/UX look like to your team?