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If it stops there, might not have all that much utility. But a great case study I would hope. And a big motivator for bitcoiners inside the company.

Would be awesome if they invested in their payroll department to stream salaries to them. Each employee gets a page to see their balance incrementing & withdraw ahead of pay day.

I suspect they won’t get there though, due to the delights of payroll being a monthly exercise and ancient tax codes etc. Prove me wrong Saylor.

Does that actually mean anything?

Also misleading: emails have nothing to do with LN addresses, nor "converting" them into LN addresses. Is pure cheap FOMO.

FAD move, for now. CHAD move, would be using it for payroll

LOL so he have only slaves working for 21 sats? Or is paying them by doing online tasks, like clicking faucets?

I would like to be paid 100 SATs per second

0.576 Bitcoin a month, on a 40hr week. You’d be set!

Seems reasonable to me

I don't know why this could be useful. Maybe tips between employees?

"You gave me a hand today in the meeting, so here you have 1000 sats".

Probably nothing...

Cool, now someone should scrape all the emails to learn about the balances, etc.

You can't get balance from someone's Lightning address. It's just protocol how to request Lightning invoice via HTTP.

How learn?

Can you elaborate with an example and some data, please? I cannot see any way to grab sensitive info.

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Couple thoughts:

  • Good job MSTR for leading the way.
  • I can see dusting attacks happening more often to MSTR employees.
  • Is this an internal custodian lightning wallet for MSTR employees or can the direct lightning address to their own node?

dust attacks. With a Lightning wallet. lol

Dust attacks are onchain thing, you can't do that with Lightning Network.

Could one not open a lightning channel with tainted BTC to a lighting node, then do a lightning transaction to Salyor@MicroStrategy.com.

Lightning does not enable it to happen but it gives people a easy to read address to send to vs finding a BTC address that is tied to a person.

There is likely single LN node for all MicroStrategy employees.

I asked about this previously, but I am glad to see this is possible. So in the future your personal email address can act as your payment address too? Currently Lightning addresses like me@getalby.com cannot be used for actual email it seems.

The Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s layer 2 scaling solution designed to make bitcoin payments cheaper and faster.

I'm a little torn about "@" adresses. I thought it was just an intermediate step until we gave static QR codes

But its adoption is fast 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ and it seems to be easier to people than I thought

The hero we needed

I think this actually is "probably nothing".

Another big step towards hyperbitcoinization