If I may suggest, Javascript/React jobs are very well paid (contrary to popular belief, both JS and React are very hard to do well). I read javascript.info and the official react docs and that was enough to be better than 90% of all the other devs.
I am currently working in JavaScript/React Job along with some PHP - full stack but do not stack this hard :) . What do you think I can do to maximize my stacking. I do live in the west where it can get expensive with cost of living though.
Cost of living is getting crazy in many countries. I'm doing two jobs not because I want to, but as a hedge to this crazy situation.
If you're already working remotely, I'd recommend trying to find another job in another country (say you are a US citizen, finding one in Europe), which lowers the chances of meetings running over on top of each other, and also choosing jobs where they specifically mention that they don't like meetings helps. Many people have their camera turned off. If I had overlapping meetings, I would simply say that I am at school or need to put my children to bed at that time (both true facts but I use them to my convenience).
If you end up finding a job that pays much less (but has less responsibilities) it's still a win, since from the first job you have to discount all your expenses.
I would recommend against freelancing, in the end you're doing almost the same amount of work as a full-time job but for less money and more micromanaging. Billing by the hour sucks, the book 4000 weeks argues that that's the reason laywers that bill a high ticket on an hourly rate are kind of miserable.