We've had a resource that knows everything for years, it's called stackoverflow.com 😃
I find it a very dangerous tool to blindly use because you will end up knowing very little of how to do things if you don't try them yourself. Stackoverflow at least gives you a discussion and multiple answers.
For average or lower quality engineers, I think it might make a big difference. They might be shitting their pants because every single boss now thinks that chatgpt can program everything.
It reminds me of the times when word processors and auto correct became a thing. In Spanish, learning how to use accents is quite tricky. For example:
te compré un té (I bought you some tea)
Many people decided they no longer need to learn how to properly accent words or type correctly and simpli startd tiping like this cuz autocorrect wuld of catched all the errors.
In the end they are missing the point (the point is that if you are afraid of self-driving cars, you need to try to become a Formula 1 driver in the career you pursue, because the rest of the jobs become less engaging, more mundane, and worse paid).
Learning a hard skill (IE: reading programming books) trains your brain to be able to focus in one task. No productivity hack or "app" will teach you this.