Voting with sats launch for feedback

Yesterday at Mash launched voting & races with sats experiences. Posting for exposure and of course curious to hear your feedback. I've dropped some of our reasoning for building this and a bit of a product overview below to help for context. For more, here is a tweet thread & blog post for more.

Rationale for building it

Likes are filled with spam. Comments are filled with spam. And all voting experiences currently don't account for how much someone actually cares. The workaround historically has been exclusive memberships – so only the "super" fans could participate. With an experience like this, anyone could get involved, be part of the decision without a large minimum fee. It also helps support the creators with an alternative revenue source, and can reduce reliance on ads.
There are lots of use-cases – it isn't just about "opinions" but rather, deciding on something to occur. What question to ask for a panel, what should the new avatar/design/swag be, who should be the next guest – or something fun like who gets pelted paint-balls for a good cause. Mostly, we are curious to see how people use the product given the flexibility (and all the feedback, as a LOT to iron out).

Best way to experience it is to try it

experiment with "voting" user experience at these links

Some product details

  • The products are built w/ flexibility for podcasts, events, indie-hackers, sports, media, writers and beyond for lots of use cases. Engage the audience, support great causes, and get opinions that matter.
  • There is also a presentation view to help with live-streams, events, and other types of in-person displays.
  • They are easy to setup and adjust to your vibe. Sign-up, go to "community", click create campaign, add in your details, customize the design and click publish – and you are live!
  • AND they can live on your site (right now for displays, and soon in full). Copy and paste a snippet and it is on YOUR site if you want, and/or share it on social.

Example Product Images

Voted. Glad mash just let me pay an Ln invoice and not force me to sign up! Very clean and a fun way to spend sats for those who like to spend them
Definitely. Working on ways to make it even easier with some tools, right now though, the only way to make it fast (e.g., one-click to vote) is with a login/account, similar to SN, but we want to provide the optionality so only if you want that experience.
All feedback appreciated! Thank you!
I say allow accounts to be easy to make. If possible use ln or nostr to make mash Accounts
136 sats \ 2 replies \ @kr 26 Apr
already at over 30,000 sats from a dozen or so participants on my first poll
Nice! Once we get some product tweaks to integrate, hopefully we get it to 21M sats per month!
21 sats \ 0 replies \ @kr 26 Apr
let’s go! ⚡️