Yep. Projects of this kind could also become sort of giant mixers
Yes I'd love to see a privacy focused version someday. If you use musig-based submarine swaps instead of segwit-based htlcs then the cooperative case looks like a regular bitcoin transaction, except the two parties swap their utxos. Which is awesome for privacy.
Do you plan to make it more pleb friendly one day ? Like kind of an Umbrel app for anyone to be able to easily connect to their own LN node and quickly add liquidity ?
I don't personally plan to submit it as an umbrel app but it's public domain software. If it grows in popularity I expect that someone will make an umbrel app for it, which I would love to see.
other question, does it work both ways reverse submarine swaps and submarine swaps as well, or just LN-->on-chain ?
This is an interesting question. Technically it works both ways because every submarine swap from Alice's perspective is a reverse submarine swap from Bob's perspective. In other words, if you want to buy sats on the base layer, use the website, and if you want to sell sats on the base layer, run the software. Technically that means it supports both.
But I definitely want to update it so that people who run the software can also post offers to buy sats on the base layer and pay a lightning invoice in return. Then I can make a clone of muun wallet but based on a distributed network of coordinators (i.e. everyone running this software) rather than relying on a single company to do all the swaps.