Since fees are exceedingly high right now, it seems to stress the importance of LN based exchanges. This can be seen not just in how much trades have continued at a normal pace on robosats. In addition, Binance opening up LN trades but closing onchain ones only highlights this advantage of LN.

We may be experiencing the early stages of a transition to LN first services. The BRC-20 tokens will die out, but in the meantime we will end up building better ways of using LN to cheaply transact.

Of course, we aren't moving quickly enough. RoboSats is essentially the only viable non-KYC LN exchange atm (if you know another please tell me about it), and thus could theoretically act as a pinch point for private on/off ramps. Nostr shows promise as a means of further decentralizing our LN exchanges, and this recent rise in fees highlights the importance of building out such projects.


Actually yea. Other P2P exchanges announced upcoming LN integration, but RoboSats is way ahead on it. Kudos to them.

Usually I prefer HodlHodl, but currently for transactions for less than 1K EUR I use RoboSats.

It seems like HodlHodl is working on a Lightning solution and will implement it soon.

They actually had one, years ago. But it was fully custodial, that's why they closed it.

Who will be the first to come up with and make all the shieldcoins on the bitcoin circuit block already???? LTC, BNB, ATOM, ETH

He will get the jackpot!)) Why do pools put restrictions on the choice of commission??? Is it the pool's decision? or the miner's?

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not sure why phoenix wallet does not work on robosats. I use a bot in telegram, LNP2PBot... literally priceless.

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It does work. However, you would need adjust the duration of both your offer and the escrow. The rule of thumb: t_offer + t_escrow <= 10 hours.

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ok, thanks I got it right.

Provided you have enough liquidity, this is a great feature.

Not for swaps though

Robosats still holding it down.

I suspect BRC-20 will be here for the long haul. As long as people want to make tokens, they'll want to make them on bitcoin.