🎁 Scaling and privacy 🎁 Censorship-resistant comms 🎁 Education inside authoritarian regimes 🎁 Core development 🎁 Community building

  1. Grant #1: $100,000 to Calvin Kim for his work on Utreexo, a Bitcoin scaling solution for faster verification and synchronization of Bitcoin full nodes

HRF’s funding allows Kim to prepare Utreexo for a main net launch 🚀

  1. Grant #2: $50,000 to 0xB10C for their work on Bitcoin Core tracepoints, P2P monitoring, fork observer, mining pool observer, and Bitcoin data

Funding supports 0xB10C's efforts to monitor the Bitcoin network for anomalies, improving network security and resiliency 🦾

  1. Grant #3: $50,000 to Calle for Cashu, a free and open source protocol that enables Chaumian ecash on top of Bitcoin

The Cashu protocol conceals user balances and transaction history, offering near-perfect privacy for users of custodial Bitcoin wallets 🥜

  1. Grant #4: $50,000 to Meron Estefanos for the creation of Bitcoin Innovation Hub Uganda

The space will host local meetups and serve as a Bitcoin awareness and learning center, equipping local youth with practical skills to become sovereign individuals 🇺🇬

  1. Grant #5: $50,000 to Kieran for Snort.Social, a web client of Nostr, a decentralized, censorship-resistant, open-source, social networking protocol

Snort allows users to access Nostr on web browsers, reducing reliance on app stores and centralized services 📡

  1. Grant #6: $50,000 to Rootzoll for Raspiblitz, a do-it-yourself lightning node that can be run on a Raspberry Pi

RaspiBlitz is mainly targeted for learning how to run your own node decentralized from home - because: Not your Node, Not your Rules 🗽

  1. Grant #7: $25,000 to BOB Space BKK for their Thailand residency program

BOB Space BKK is a Bitcoin-only hatchery, incubator, and co-working space in Bangkok. Funding will help accelerate promising FOSS projects in Bitcoin, Lightning, and eCash protocols 🇹🇭

  1. Grant #8: $25,000 to World Liberty Congress for the Freedom Academy, a program that equips activists with the tools, resources, and support needed in the struggle against authoritarianism

This grant supported recent financial freedom training in Zambia 🇿🇲

  1. Grant #9: $25,000 to Hampus Sjöberg for Blixt Wallet, a non-custodial open-source Bitcoin and lightning wallet

Funding will support Sjöberg’s efforts to improve the user experience and performance of the Blixt Wallet on iOS and Android⚡

  1. Grant #10: $10,000 to Nourou for Bitcoin Sénégal, a group that hosts meetups, creates educational content, and onboards local merchants to Bitcoin

Working in French and Wolof, Nourou helps people learn resist French monetary colonialism 🇸🇳

  1. Grant #11: $10,000 to Charlene Fadirepo for the Bitcoin in Africa Show, which provides education, insights, and thoughtful conversations to deepen the understanding of Bitcoin across the African continent and beyond

  2. Grant #12: $10,000 to Lorraine Marcel for Bitcoin DADA, a women-centric organization with contributors based in Kenya and beyond that educates African women in the Bitcoin space 🇰🇪

HRF is proud to support a diverse range of projects to help make Bitcoin a better global tool for human rights

Since early 2020 we’ve supported 80+ projects globally with more than $2.7M

Submit proposals at devfund @ hrf dot org

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21 sats \ 2 replies \ @k00b 9 May

I'm pleasantly surprised its not all software products ... By grant count 50% (6 of 12) are community and educational projects and ~30% by dollar amount.

I believe most are like that. Anita's outreaching efforts in other countries, some journalists getting funding, africa development education, few projects that come to mind atm.

yeah, is good to have some balance

Love to see Raspiblitz getting funding. Great project.

Love to see it.