Is this an option for non-Canadian citizens living in or even visiting Canada?
It sounds like you can create a Bull Bitcoin account without having to verify your ID and you can pay cash when you buy the Load Hub voucher at the post office.
If that is the case, doesn't that mean that anyone can do this regardless of being a Canadian citizen or not? Couldn't even a tourist do this?
You are correct. Bull allows accounts with only a name (doesn’t need to be verified) and an email address (needs verification, but it’s simple as typing in the code they emailed you). When depositing at Canada Post, the clerk does not check or ask you anything. You just ask to pay a certain amount to your QR code, let them scan it, and they take the cash.
You could be an alien visiting from Alpha Centauri disguised as a human being. As long as you can physically get to a Canada Post location, you will be able to fund your Bull Bitcoin account with cash. So next time, if you visit Canada and want some non-KYC corn, be sure to give Canada Post a visit. I heard the corn you get from Canada are especially sweet.