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I agree that bitcoin is simple, but someone will not see the simplicity unless he has spent time and work to understand bitcoin. We can sit here all day preaching that bitcoin is the best savings technology ever invented; however, without spending time to properly learn about bitcoin, someone from outside looking-in will only see it as another speculative asset, or worse, a Ponzi scheme.

I think bitcoin, like any other subject or skill in this world, only becomes simple when you have spent time and work to learn and understand it. Education is key.

Great article. I think that over time Bitcoin will be integrated and simplified in such a way that you don't have to know any of the details anymore and it will indeed be simple.

I’d rather say, Life is simple, so as bitcoin… and i am the complicated one.

Touche. It is a paradigm shift , it will take time. We all, for the last 100 years are/were too busy to get that next paycheck that we forget why we here in the first place (you figure this out, you let me now, until then I will just try my best :-)). Change is scary, we naturally reject it due to the old notion that familiarity breads content, perhaps that's true. I also think that we do need to change, be fluid and adopt. Monetary slavery we are in didn't really pan out that well, did it? Bitcoin, in my humble opinion is that next big step we ought to take, it makes too much sense. I will be there for a ride with you and others, Odell :-) We will burn that fiat bridge when we get to it...