FWIW, we have NEVER recommended users purchase or use Ledger's as:
  1. They are full of shitcoins, "yields" etc
  2. The Ledger Live app is a PITA / impossible to connect up to your own Full Node, meaning your privacy and security is greatly reduced
  3. They got hacked and had their entire customer database leaked to criminals
And now this. This is stupid on SO many levels. They have to know this too, which means it's a toss up of why they're doing it. Either they're being forced to by govs OR they just want that sweet, sweet subscription action @ $10/m. Or maybe it's both.
We will continue to actively tell our readers to never use any Ledger device as this new "feature" is extremely bad. All Ledgers now have code written into them that allows software on the host device to exfiltrate the private keys. That means it's only a matter of time before criminals figure out how to hack it, which opens up the possibility of millions of Ledger users getting rugged. For shame Ledger.
What do you think, should we add Ledger to our Bitcoin Scams post lol https://www.athena-alpha.com/bitcoin-scams/