After payment, how long does the purchaser have access to the content?
I think of OF girls sharing zapgated pictures, only to be screenshotted and have fakes charge less or nothing. Premium articles copied and pasted on uncensorable copycat accounts. People charging sats for other peoples copyrighted material.. What's the solution?
Should the purchased content be consumed within a vacuum? I'm just trying to think of how you enable the content creators to make a living off posting their content here while curbing the copycats from purchasing their content and reselling it cheaper to undercut the content creator... the creators won't want to be here if that's what's inevitably going to happen.
Centralized content platforms can crush copycats and ban them from the platform, not sure how easy that'll be on nostr protocol. I just know that If I wanted to charge for my content, I'm not going to post it to a site where fakes or hustlers will undersell the content I posted moments after I post it. Sell a picture to one guy for 100sat and he screenshots it and sells it to 100 for 10sat each.
The success of the protocol depends on how well we enable the content creators to be empowered and rewarded through proper incentive systems, while simultaneously ensuring that we aren't creating a honeypot for scammers to steal and undersell the content we hope to see posted there.
This to me presents itself as one of Nostr's biggest challenges ahead imo
All good points, I guess that is a risk regardless, with Nostr. Someone could take paid photos or content from other platforms and put them on Nostr for sale too.
This would at least get them in the spotlight on Nostr and you'd be relying on users on Nostr to pay the ppl they follow because they want them to thrive and keep posting content.
Certainly presents risk either way.
It also raises the bigger issue, what risks will relay operators face in the future. Will people try to DMCA takedown content from relay operators? It would be wack-a-mole, but doesn't mean some won't try.
Those are very fair points and have been an issue for creators long before digital content. It really does not matter how sealed of an environment is, because in the end people can extract the information and share it else where. It still is an unsolved problem.
But ZapGates add a very interesting thing to the mix: signatures. Because of the way the protocol is built every post is signed by the creator and copy cats are easy to spot as long as the public key of the original creator is known. The event also can not be republished without the pay gate in, because the protected url is part of the signed data. As is the payment target.
This does not protect against people willingly consuming stolen content, but at least makes the integrity and „realness“ of a post verifiable