This is a potentially dangerous centralizing force that, if depended upon too much, turns mempool space into a Infura-like cancer. With all that entails.

They're good people, taking a stab at solving a real problem, but this is not a good thing for the network.

It's also probably a godsend for transactions submitted to mempool at a stupid low fee that are stuck in a mempool purgatory.

I can't see it getting out of hand because if the tx submitter wanted top priority, they would just set their fee accordingly. This seems like more a lifeline to help get improperly submitted transactions across the finish line.

The better answer is for more wallets to support RBF

Yea, this is just good if you're using a shit wallet that doesn't support fees/RBF properly. Or even if a counterparty is sending you coins, and they set way too low of a fee.

This is also nothing new. There have been transaction accelerators for many years. Having as an option in is a nice tool to have, imo.

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So what are the wallets that support RBF? Any link ref?

This is kind of RBF but much more expensive. I don't see this as a threat to be honest.

Why would miners do this? Theres a bunch of TX with "high fee" in their node but then service gives them a TX with a lower fee and they will include that instead? Why?

this is the same as the old F2pool service?

RBF isn't it?

Nope. Its paying miners out of band

You can see RBF enabled

its not RBF. RBF requires making a new transaction.

Fancy rbf ui? :)