For noobs: web devs store data from their server in your browser so that if you look at that data again, it's really fast to retrieve it. This is called caching the data.

Before this update, when a user would view something, I would use the cache but not check the servers to see if the data had been updated. Now we check to see if the data has been updated.

tldr; The UX is roughly the same but the data you view on SN is now more likely to be up to date with the server - so less need to refresh.

Going to actually begin working on tipping now - while resisting the urge to pay off some other technical debt.


The updates to caching are great. I immediately noticed a massive improvement.

That's nice to hear, thanks! As a poweruser, it was really frustrating me to constantly have to refresh (and everyone else was probably unaware of the need to refresh).

Caching is tricky but I feel like I managed to do the what the user expects rather than introduce a refresh button or something.

You’re crushing it and we appreciate it. ✊🏼

Thanks Shawn. LFG.

I also added WebLN support today for funding/withdrawals. Quite a few people had asked and it was much easier than I thought. I imagined I was going to have a to learn a cryptographic protocol or something.