Excellent question. I think it's very important in order to increase one's optionality. Also important is three flag like thinking whereby you play jurisdictions off against each other with multiple residencies. I think owning Bitcoin will be a blessing and a curse if this thing gets as big as we think it might. A blessing in that one's purchasing power will grow. A curse in that one will have a target on one's back. "Be your own bank" they said. But did you give thought to what it takes to be a bank? Infosec, opsec, reactive security, proactive security. And given the immutable and public nature of the Bitcoin Blockchain, one's mistakes live forever and are carried forward into the future. So energy focussed now on infosec and opsec is energy well spent, imo. Then again I am a tinfoil hat wearing worrier so maybe I'm just seeing ghosts in the pocket. Hope to be proven wrong with a more utopian future but fear that I'll be right with something resembling 1984. As Odell says "it's a game of survival". Like most of what Odell says, it's not just a platitude. A lot of thought and presience is distilled into his slogans.

Yeah, Odell is a big influence on my opinion about these matters. Then again, I'm also a tinfoil hat wearing worrier, so I concede that we might be wrong about all of this. However, better safe than sorry is sound advice. Or at least as safe as we can.