In general, I wish being anonymous online was easier. Anonymity and privacy is a spectrum. Trying to be perfect is difficult, but there are some easy measures and tools out there that greatly increases one's privacy.

A lot of our systems were built without privacy in mind, or at least prioritized, though. A user of popular Internet sites and apps is going to compromise a lot of their privacy. A user of a common cell phone with a common cell plan will also lose a lot of privacy.

It seems a lot of Bitcoin projects are conscious of privacy and anonymity more so than others. This is a good sign and I am bullish on privacy in the Bitcoin space overall.

It is one thing to fight for your online privacy. Don't forget your other security measures. Find a good community, arm yourself and your loved ones, be a hard target, be ungovernable.

I think governments tend to grow until they get chopped down in one way or another. Bitcoin and Bitcoiners are certainly a threat to state control. Privacy will be important in the future, no matter what happens.

Phenomenal post, my friend. I see that you deserve that cowboy hat.