• Being online is important for human progress
  • Within "being online" the vast majority of importance is in reading, not writing
  • Anonymity within "reading, not writing" is basically zero - your ISP or VPN knows everything except if you use Tor or have a throwaway phone on public wifi
  • Anonymity within writing on the internet is very very important especially if you think about journalists or activists from oppressive regime countries
  • Anonymity within writing for people in free countries is important out of principle but it is also a given and I'm very sure most people here vastly overestimate how much it is at risk

All very important points. It's so hard to get a throwaway phone were I'm currently in... or is it?

Tor is easier: you just download the Tor browser and go

Throwaway phone is also pretty easy: just buy a used phone on craigslist, wipe it and only ever connect it to public wifi and do nothing important on it. Dealers and such do this more widespread to my knowledge. Might be overkill for just browsing the web anonymously or as "just in case" device