One of the more exciting things about this is the fact that it's supposedly interoperable with LN. I assume via the Ark Service Providers. Kind of like Fedimint but without the custodial risk.

If this works then I think this effectively makes Federated Mints obsolete.

Sidechains like Liquid too.

except liquid does have custodial risk

I think what they meant is that it will obsolete liquid, not that it doesn't have custodial risk :)

I'm immediately less skeptical about it catching on if it's truly interoperable with lightning. Taking advantage of our existing infrastructure could be multiplacative for the network

I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I imagine it's a bit like how a federated mint has channels to other LN nodes. Likewise an Ark Service Provider would have channels to other LN nodes. Happy to be corrected if it's not correctly understood though :)