Overcrowding in prisons could be a problem. The Salvadoran government could put funding in building out more prison space to improve the problem if they wanted to?

I wouldn’t be too concerned when the gang members get released. A lot of them joined the gang because there were no better opportunities within the country to have a better life. With the gangs cleaned up and business booming, opportunities will arise. These young men will become productive given the opportunity, and those wanting to go back to their old gang ways will get thrown back into prison.

I believe that young men become destructive if they do not see a future for themselves; but they will be productive and work their ass off if they trust that they can build a future for themselves.

In fact El Salvador inaugurated one of the largest prisons in the world specifically to deal with the issue of overcrowding. It can house up to 40k inmates. Overcrowding is no longer an issue.

The prison system has very well structured incentives for good behaviour and skill development on the inside, coupled with a healthy dose of additional punishment for bad behaviour. All in all the stick is pretty big, and the carrot is pretty juicy.

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Young men also become destructive when they become institutionalized. Tough on crime is only a part of the formula - you also need rehabilitation and opportunity.

This seems like a thoughtless comment.

Rehabilitation and opportunity are massive parts of the strategy which are already being implemented nationwide.

Tough on crime may only be a part of the formula, but it is a crucial and indispensable part, and without which the other parts are meaningless.

Not only from a utilitarian perspective whereby society can only really develop the opportunities needed to avoid a life of crime if there is a good level of criminality in the first place, but also from a moral point of view. Lack of punishment for the criminal is an injustice for the victim. Only justice will bring peace.

A "thoughtless comment" would be something more flippant like, "lock 'em up and throw away the key!".

Tough on crime may only be a part of the formula, but it is a crucial and indispensable part

I didn't say it wasn't.

and without which the other parts are meaningless.

This is basically what I said but inverted. It's like if I said "1+1=2" and then you rebutted "yes, but let's not forget that 2=1+1".

Sorry for being concise and not verbose.