For me and my household, give us the Bitcoin. Bitcoin you have never disappointed me before that's why I stick to you and continuously seek you. I humbly keep stacking
  1. Bitcoin is unlike anything you know
  2. The media pushes the anti-Bitcoin narrative of the powerful people at the head of the current system
  3. Most people don’t understand money and economics
  4. "Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, it is issued out of thin air"
  5. A currency not backed by governments? Impossible!
  6. You have the power, but you must take responsibility for your money
Most people don’t understand money and economics "Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, it is issued out of thin air"
I hear this a lot of people as negatives of bitcoin. I usually just ask them why $1 USD is worth $1 USD and they struggle to answer it. Usually they have never even though about why their USD is worth anything and just asking them questions makes them think about it a bit more.
  1. Many people can't admit they were wrong for the last 14 years and swallow their pride. They can't stand the thought of getting in late.
"'s easier to fool a person, than convince him he was fooled..." :-) Fiat did that, also "familiarity breeds content".. the list is long. It will take time....
People inherently don't understand the money in their bank account right now. If you were to ask them what the dollar they obsess so much over actually is, they'd have a really hard time telling you anything.
Given that, Bitcoin is near impossible for them to understand. I don't think the average person will understand it until the fiat economy breaks enough to incentivize them.