Lol you're a piece of work dude, and a perfect example of the problem with pride month.
You see an article about how a website you like is making a political statement that you agree with, and what it does is make you angry at "the other side". Enough to make you invent a whole opposing argument that you can then lecture and put down in a fit of moral outrage and righteous indignation. Unprompted.
Too much of this is about "fuck you people over there who don't get it".
That's no way to celebrate anything.
And thats not even mentioning how silly it is to celebrate immutable characteristics over which you have 0 control and in which you never had a choice.
The absolute nerve required to fiercely defend a stupid celebration while vehemently condemning the mere hypothetical idea of someone wanting to celebrate essentially the same thing is astounding, and your reasoning doesn't even stand up to scrutiny. No govt or authority ever made laws limiting your rights for being a father or a mother, but we still have fathers day and mothers day. So what's the standard?
Anyone and everyone is free to celebrate whatever they want, no matter how ridiculous it may be to celebrate that thing.
Similarly, everyone is free to call your celebration stupid and silly.
I wish there was a way to downvote you. I agree with aj
That sat difference 😂