We have an entire section dedicated exclusively to Bitcoin Privacy and another to Bitcoin Security. In a nut shell though as others have mentioned:

  • Don’t Use KYC/AML Exchanges (use non-KYC only, top non-KYC Exchanges here)
  • Take Full Self-Custody Of Your Coins (use your own private wallet not an exchange wallet, we recommend Sparrow Wallet)
  • Don’t Reuse Addresses (generate a fresh new one each time you receive)
  • Don’t Use Public Block Explorers (Chain Analysis firms can link your IP to the addresses you search)
  • Use Your Own Full Bitcoin Node (build or buy your own node and connect all wallets to it)
  • Use Tor (Ensure your node and all wallets only connect over Tor or a private VPN)
  • Use Coin Control & Labelling (Label and be selective about which sats you use when you spend)

The most important ones all Bitcoin beginners should start with is using non-KYC exchanges only and taking full self custody of their coins in a private wallet. Good luck!