Are there any resources available for someone like me who can't walk 5 steps without checking my phone, has SN tabs open on every device, and is constantly thinking, "should I post this on Nostr?"

Stacking sats is one thing but this is starting to affect my work and normie social life. What do?


A lot of this stuff is superfluous, just stacks sats and stay humble

Try to replace in part with an alternative form of content on the same topics, like books or podcast. Not only it will provide a better value/time spent ratio, but it will also "detox" you from the rush of checking SNS all the time

Only have your nsec on a VM in your computer

Great question. I have similar issues. I think the key is to make these addictive apps more difficult to access and less convenient, without making them impossible to access. Though I did just delete my podcast app... I would love a launcher app for my phone that would replace my (android) home screen. It would give easy access to a few select applications, that I choose. For instance, phone, calendar, etc. It would also allow me to open other apps that I want to limit (say a browswer, email, social media, etc). But I would only be able to open these apps after a challenge. The challenge would be something tedious like, "solve a 2 digit multiplication problem". The level of tedium could be adjusted. There's a phone app called Slim Launcher that is somewhat similar to this, except it's really easy to circumvent (just click on settings). I've also edited my hosts file to block access to certain websites. I have a trashy slow old unrestricted laptop that I use to access those sites on occasion. Here's a subreddit that that addresses some of these issues. It's a difficult question, for sure. Looking forward to hearing more ideas.

One more thing. On my main browser, I run an extension called Domain Whitelist. So, instead of blacklisting certain sites, you have to whitelist them. It works pretty well. But one thing you learn is just what an INSANE number of sites you're accessing when you access a regular webpage. For instance, you can't just whitelist, there's dozens if not hundreds of accessory sites that are also used, and need to be white listed.