And it's beautiful! Goodbye 100 stacker news tabs in my browser. I'll have this sit alongside the mutiny wallet PWA on my homescreen.
Thank you k00b! Casually dropping PWA to us 😎😎
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Hey that was me haha, see this PR:
But @k00b mentioned it in my websockets draft PR which lead to me prioritize PWA:
Another use for this kind of push system is push notifications in a PWA. I think this would be a big upgrade in terms of people being willing to start and engage in conversations ... and its one of the most frequently and afaict "real" feature requests we get.
But as @k00b mentioned, some stuff is broken like layout or the offline page. See this comment:
But it's of course only the first iteration on it, so things will improve over time :)
And glad that you like it! So "my intuition" (besides of @k00b explicitly mentioning it, haha) that this is one of the more requested features and thus makes sense to prioritize was right :)
Nice work!
I'm also just a PWA maxi so who knows if anyone else wanted it lol
I think next steps for the PWA would be to use more intelligent caching strategies (it uses the defaults from workbox which may be network only for the most part) such that the PWA indeed shows better performance (as mentioned in the ticket) and push notifications
(Besides fixing the layout and offline mode)
We have so much advanced PWA logic we haven't gotten to yet ourselves. Will definitely keep an eye on those tickets and PRs to see what we can do ourselves ;)
Thank you for going the PWA route instead of creating an "app".
thanks for the feedback! just out of interest, why do you prefer PWAs over native apps?
PWAs are nice because you don't have to "install" the app. PWAs are nice because it'll work on Android and Apple devices. PWAs allow you to bypass Google and Apples app stores (although you could use something like F-Droid).
I assume it's also easier to update the web app to be progressive rather than writing an Android and/or Apple app.
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There's layout issues on mobile so I was going to announce it just yet. But let it rip why not.
We also added subscribing to other people's threads and a few other things.
I'll do a proper release announcement by end of day.
Just installed it on my phone. Thanks for the PSA!
Where can I find the manifest + service worker for the mutiny wallet?
I have searched for the manifest in but I haven't found one
Looking for some good reference for further work on the SN PWA 👀
I have no idea lol that's all @wefofficial