So I just finished The 7th Property by Eric Yakes and I would like to write a quick review here about it because more bitcoiners need to know about it.

Similar to The Bitcoin Standard, the first several chapters don't even discuss Bitcoin. Yakes begins focus on the history of money and banking, and its failures. What I found really interesting was how the Federal Reserve system works. Previously, I only knew at a high level that the Fed printed money and determined interest rates, since that's pretty much all mainstream media says about them. So to get a deeper insight into how the Fed actually operates was extremely fascinating. Also, to learn that the Fed is actually the fourth central bank in the US has never made me so bullish on BTC.

The second half of the book discusses Bitcoin as a network, how it works, consensus, mining, etc. However, what sets this book apart is that Yakes does a much thorough and technical approach than any other book I've come across except Mastering Bitcoin. I'm likely biased since I'm already a developer and are familiar with the technicals of Bitcoin going in, but it feels like it shouldn't require too much technical background to grasp the concepts.

This book is definitely now on my list to recommend to friends and family who ask about Bitcoin.

Nice. I've read The Bitcoin Standard (which is simply excellent) and I know a little about Fiat and how that works {'Money as Dept' is a very good video series for when one would rather watch than read} and I've also read some features by Eric Yakes that were published in Bitcoin Magazine.


Hadn't heard of it. Will check it out.