This is actually not hard at all and if you use Amazon regularly, then why wouldn't you do this?
You just need Moon Chrome extension and Strike.

  • First go to Amazon's Reload Balance and select amount (e.g. $300) and click on "Buy now"
  • Now click on your Moon extension icon in your browser, if you haven't yet, create anonymous account with some email and sign in. Pick whatever name, and don't reuse emails, don't KYC yourself.
  • In Moon sidebar click on "Create new Card", add amount $300, select Lightning Payment method, click "Continue"
  • This pops up Lightning invoice QR. Pay it with Strike. Strike gives you $15 cashback immediately.
  • Now in Amazon click on "Add credit/debit card" and copy the name and numbers from Moon.
  • In Amazon page click on "use this payment method" and then "Checkout"
  • That's it, it takes couple minutes, but then this page in Amazon will show you your balance. Amazon gives you extra $10 to the balance, so you should see $310 there. Now you can buy whatever on Amazon with this balance.

I just did this, so thought about sharing it with all of you... Let me know how it goes.

1 sats \ 1 replies \ @gmd 12 Sep

What's the $15 strike cashback deal? Is there a link on strike to the details of that deal?

1 sats \ 0 replies \ @nout OP 12 Sep

There's 5% cashback on any Moon purchase. It has been in place for many months, but it's not listed here