First update on Lightning withdrawals from the Pocket team:
Lightning @ Pocket ⚡️ There's a lot of exciting stuff happening at Pocket right now! After acquiring the wallet app Bitkipi just before our two-year anniversary, we're now on the verge of adding Lightning withdrawals to our service.
The wait is almost over
It's been a long time since we first announced Lightning at Pocket. A lot has happened since then.
🚀 Pocket has grown steadily. 🤑 Bitcoin network fees briefly exploded. ⚡️ High fees drive Lightning adoption.
Now you're among the first people to hear about our Lightning progress.
Our LN roadmap Lightning all the way. We're working on several ways to enable Lightning wallet top-ups via Pocket. Our current roadmap contains the following items:
Coming soon: Phoenix Top Up Next week the beta testing of our Phoenix top-up service will start. The beta will be conducted in batches over the month of July. You will receive an email invitation when it is ready. With Phoenix top-up, you will be able to top-up your Phoenix wallet with Sats via Pocket, so you can pay for your beer with Bitcoin again at the next Bitcoin conference.
Summer: Own Node, with Channel Open Service Later this summer, we will also enable withdrawals to other Lightning wallets, as well as your own Lightning node. If you lack the necessary Lightning channel, we will open one for you for a small fee.
2024: Pocket App goes ⚡️ The Bitkipi App will become the Pocket App very soon. In addition, we are already in the process of getting the app ready for Lightning. In early 2024, you will be able to use Lightning directly via the Pocket App.
To apply for the Lightning Beta:
Is this already out of Beta?
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