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I tend to focus on what I can tangibly do for adoption: I talk to people about it and focus on answering their questions. Over the years I've been "orange pilling" all my closest friends and acquaintances and what I've noticed is that for most people it takes a long time to understand and grasp the necessity of bitcoin. Most don’t actually care about it in the moment.
This is ok, once the time comes that they become interested for whatever reason they know whom to turn to in order to ask the needed questions. What I do mean while is try and learn as much as possible and work out different ways of explaining bitcoin. Have a friend who likes golf? Give a golf analogy; have a friend who likes cars? Give a car analogy; have a friend who likes nature? Give an analogy from nature.
Adoption happens gradually but I believe exponentially as well. We bitcoiners have to lower our time preference and remember that everyone gets into bitcoin at the price they deserve. It’s a harsh truth. If we want to be altruistic we can all set aside a small Family/Friend stack that we allocate some of our hard stacked sats to and some time in the future donate from this stack to fiends and family when the time comes.
I have a birthday/wedding stack from which I give a gift to certain people once I feel the time is right.
Bitcoin is a marathon not a sprint although it sometimes might feel like it.
Stay humble and stack sats!