Thanks for sharing. I listened to my first Kevin Rooke podcast this morning... the one with Rochard from Kraken. Interesting person to interview (and I'm sure this one will be too), but was a bit disappointed by the questions posed by Kevin: rather than asking open-ended questions, Kevin steers Rochard in the direction he thinks Rochard should answer. So basically, a missed opportunity at really getting interesting insights from Rochard. It's not easy to ask good questions, certainly wouldn't be able to do it myself... but I hope I'll have a better experience listening to his other podcasts.

I think i was unfairly critical. I have listened to two other podcasts of Kevin now and his interview style seems to grow on me. Questions are quite on point. Keep them coming...

Simon is the co-founder of the Mempool Open Source project, an explorer for monitoring Bitcoin transactions, mempool congestion, network fees, and more.

In our conversation, we discussed the value of building Mempool as an open-source, self-hosted project, the Liquid Network’s role as a side chain on Bitcoin, peer-to-peer exchanges like Bisq, and the debate around Bitcoin’s transaction fee sustainability.

→ Mempool:


00:00 - Intro 01:07 - Simon Intro 03:00 - The Importance of Building Open Source & Self-Hosted Projects 14:41 - The Future of Centralized vs. Self-Hosted Applications 25:57 - The Liquid Network as a Sidechain on Bitcoin 37:31 - Why Haven’t Exchanges Integrated Liquid? 42:00 - Mempool’s Plans to Build a Lightning Explorer 44:33 - Bitcoin’s Mempool & Transaction Fee Sustainability 52:21 - Incentives for Bitcoin Businesses to Move to Lightning & Liquid 56:09 - The Similarities and Differences Between Taro & Liquid 59:45 - The Lightning Round

This podcast episode can be found on Fountain:

⚡️ E37: Mempool Co-Founder Simon on Open Source Bitcoin Projects, Lightning, Liquid, Bisq, & Bitcoin's Mempool