I had some posts and history going back 6 months or so. 18 posts, less than 3000 sats. I can see it out there. But I can't login to that account anymore. The email that I used now logs me into a a different account, with zero posts and sats.
What could have happened? Is there any way to recover it?
I just now discovered this page - https://stacker.news/faq#how-do-i-create-a-stacker-news-account. I will be reviewing it carefully, but would still appreciate anyone who can tell me what may have happened. I just used an email, then clicked on the link that was sent to the email, I never set up an account with lightening (though I will do that now)
I think I remember a similar case where someone lost access to his account only linked via mail and it was resolved. Was that you by chance?