I'll bite. No. I don't believe that in long-term it will flip BTC. I believe ETH has a smaller potential market than money.

  • not eco-friendly - money needs to be based on something valuable that's hard to get. If it would be easy to get then anyone would get it and make more of it (eventually). The hardest one to get is the one that wins over long-term in holding value as we have seen over centuries. To "get it" requires energy of some form and there's no way around that. The best suited form of energy is electricity, it doesn't require any mechanical/chemical BS and many other things can be reduced down to electricity anyway. Electricity can be made fully eco-friendly and so the fact that some electricity is not "eco-friendly" is a separate problem that needs a solution, but it doesn't really have that much to do with Bitcoin. I think we would agree that electricity is something useful and worth getting and using (lights in hospitals, refrigeration, A/C, entertainment...). So then the question is how much we value having trustless, open, decentralized, public monetary network. And I'd say the answer is that we value it exactly as much as how much energy we spend on it.