Post made in meta at the recommendation of huuuum
I like the notification alert. Facebook has a similar red notification alert for its inbox that i always felt was psychological abusive. We now know that Facebook has over the years designed and timed its various features to trigger and initiate at various points to increase screen time. Well, the red indicator that appears on the bell and across all tabs, is triggering Facebook flashbacks. Facebook leaves a lingering distaste for manipulation on online platforms.
I don't think that is what is happening here at all, but it would be nice to be able to know for sure and be able to turn it off in a way Facebook does not allow.
thanks !
I also agree. An option to disable notifications, especially hats won/lost would be great, since it's a notification that doesn't add any value.
I am starting to use SN less and less because the aversion to this.
especially hats won/lost would be great
You can already do this in your settings
Unckeck 'I find or lose a cowboy hat' and click save.
neat, I hadn't even seen the settings at all, only profile. Thanks!